Employee Spotlight

A big warm welcome to Anna and Tracey!

Please give a warm welcome to two new members of the Essendon Accounts & Tax team.

First, say hi to Anna. Anna studied in Copenhagen for a year and then continued to study for her Finance and Accounting degree at Buckingham University. Following her graduation, she is now studying towards her
ACCA qualification.

At Essendon, Anna is part of the accounts team, carrying out bookkeeping duties, preparing accounts, VAT Returns and CIS Returns.

Secondly, let us introduce Tracey. Tracey has over 30 years experience in bookkeeping and accounts and for the last five years has worked in accountancy practices gaining valuable experience, previously working in industry. In between that she gained a degree in English Literature which has always been a passion of hers.

At Essendon she is part of the accounts team, doing bookkeeping, preparing accounts, VAT Returns and CIS Returns.

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From the Business Godparent

It keeps on coming, doesn’t it?

Rising inflation, rising interest rates and an apparent lack of skilled labour just after we lick our wounds from Covid.

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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital

Since 1st April 2022, all VAT registered businesses are required to follow the Making Tax Digital rules whereby they keep digital records and use software to submit their VAT return.

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Top Tips

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Trusted Partners

Standing out: how to find and own your position in your marketplace

Standing out from the competition isn’t just an issue for businesses in a crowded marketplace. If you’re competing in the same areas as your competitors, you may be facing an uphill struggle, wasting money on badly targeted marketing and missing out on an open position that is yours for the taking.
In some sectors not much will have been so different over the last 2 years, food needed to be delivered to grocery stores, bins needed to be emptied, laundry needed to be washed. Maybe, those strict ‘cleaning stations’ have been brushed aside now that the virus
has subsided.

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