Essendon Foresight

Cashflow Forecasting With Fluidly

With 80% of business failure due to cashflow issues, helping you manage your cash is our priority. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fluidly, which identifies cash crunches ahead of time, so you can take action early.

Fluidly instantly produces cashflow forecasts using artificial intelligence. It saves time and informs the strategic advice Essendon Accounts & Tax provides, meaning you can maximise opportunities.

Fluidly helps you:

Look ahead: Instantly see when cash is coming in, going out and everything in between.

Plan for growth: Understand the levers to pull to drive growth, profitability and cash retention.

Worry less: Put an end to sleepless nights and worrying about paying bills. Fluidly goes beyond answering ‘What?’ has happened, and moves onto the more complex questions of ‘So what?’ and ‘Now what?’. As a result, small businesses can avert disaster and take earlier action to save money.

Most of all, they can access critical information often unavailable to them, at a more affordable price.

If you’d like to find out more about Fluidly, get in touch today.

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