Issue 05 – Winter 2020
Essendon Foresight


Operating productively. Improving efficiency. Making the most of staff time. All great aspirations for a business to have. But if you manage projects, and are struggling to achieve just one of those, there is help to hand…

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Trusted Partners

Worried about 2020? Don’t there’s going to be plenty to make you smile

Running a business in 2020 is going to present an interesting mix of challenges. With Brexit still to be resolved, not to mention other global issues such as climate change very much in the public mind.

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From the Business Godparent

Looking into 2020

Another decade begins and I am sure we’re all wishing for some stability.

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Top Tips

Top tips on starting a new business

Find out how to pay less tax, including checking your tax code and many more top tips.

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Red Sofa Interviews

Sarah Canning Franklins Solicitors

Sarah Canning takes a seat on the
Red Sofa to talk about Franklins
and her work as a solicitor.

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