Enhanced SME Requirements

Add-on apps are worth their weight in gold, however. We’ll take some of the add-ons available with Xero as an example:

  • Project Management Apps – These help you to build up a quote and ensure you are billing in a profit margin. Good example: WorkFlowMax.
  • Stock Inventory & Sales Apps – These help you to keep an eye on stock levels so you can pre-order in a timely fashion. Good example: Unleashed.
  • Banking Apps – These enable you to pay direct from Xero rather than having to re-enter your payments on the banking site. Good example: Telleroo.
  • Auto Entry Apps – These enable you to automate more admin processes, e.g. receiving invoices directly from suppliers into Xero. Good example: Hubdoc
  • Profit & Loss Projection Apps – These enable businesses to spot problems lying ahead, e.g. a cash shortage. They also enable you to run scenarios to see the impact a decision will have, e.g. taking on a new shop. Good example: Fluidly.

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