Falling back in love with Monday mornings

New Year is traditionally a time for reflection; for reviewing the past year and considering what we want to change and what we’d like to aim for. 

Professionally, we typically make resolutions about increasing our earnings, going for a promotion, or actually taking the necessary steps to change jobs. But with the seismic events of 2020, perhaps it’s time to make our goals bigger and more transformational. The year’s global enforced pause has provided a unique space to step back from life’s merry-go-round and discover what’s important and where work fits into our lives.  For many, professional goals for 2021 could be about holding onto a better work-life balance or seeking more meaning and satisfaction from their career. However for those in industries gravely impacted by lockdown, making big career changes may be a short to mid-term necessity; and in this case it might be about looking at how to apply talents and transferable skills to new arenas. 

With the positive news regarding vaccine roll outs, however, there is the very real potential for returning to the old work-norm. So is now the time to ask if that is we want to do? Does Monday morning loom heavy on the horizon, or does it fill us with joy? 

Whether you stay where you are or move job, though, be inspired by the fact that your ability to adapt to new ways of working and learn new technologies has proven your resilience, professionalism, and agility to both current and future employers.

At Personal Career Management we have seen that it is absolutely achievable to change career at all stages of your working life. Hiring managers will certainly not be surprised by gaps or shifts in direction in your CV during 2020 and 2021; so there is a real chance to explore options. 

Out of adversity there is opportunity, so this new year we suggest you really think about what you have discovered about your professional and personal world these last 12 months. And ask yourself now… what could make you love Monday mornings?

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