Top Tips

How to maximise the weekend recharge

Even if you haven’t been able to get away on holiday this year, try our top tips to switch off and make the weekend a stress-free mini break.

Change your mindset

Treat your time off as a holiday, and you might reap the benefits. A study found that those who took their weekends off “like a holiday” were happier than those who didn’t.

Create your own sanctuary

Jumping straight into the to-do list on a Saturday morning is not the best way to start the weekend. It can set the tone for the rest of it as work instead of play. Start your Saturday by setting time for yourself.  Spend your time doing what you like to do.

Get some fresh air

It is no secret that being outside can have a positive effect on your mood, reduce stress, and keep you active. To make it feel more as if it were a holiday, consider planning a picnic with friends or family, or looking for activities in the local area which can help you to enjoy yourself outside.

Prioritise social time

When you’re off work and time to yourself is scarce, prioritise some social time with friends and family when possible.

Don’t spend Sunday thinking about Monday

The moment Sunday hits, that Sunday night feeling kicks in. You’re anxious about Monday and what it has in store. But Sunday isn’t Monday. One way to get through the day is to establish a ritual that helps you live in the present rather than thinking about tomorrow. For example, you could take a bubble bath or watch your favourite TV show.

It’s ok to do nothing!

It is important to take time off and not feel bad about doing nothing when you would otherwise be working. This is especially relevant for people who have been working from home throughout the pandemic and whose view of home space and work space may be blurred.

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