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If there is one thing that this year’s Accountex has shown, it’s that accountants & software developers now work hand in hand. No longer are cloud-based solutions just an interesting avenue to consider… they’re a given.

So what’s the new hot topic? Tailored solutions! At Essendon, we’re acutely aware that each client is unique, but it appears that the cloud-based boom has cottoned onto this at last too.

A plethora of different applications now abound, with numerous integrations enabling those applications to produce tailored solutions for any business. Forget one size fits all. Accountancy has shifted into a client-centric era and our tools of the trade can adapt to a client’s needs.

So what gives? The nub of it is that your business needs an accountant who not only understands this change… but embraces it. Gone are the days of paying someone to carry out repetitive number crunching tasks simply to produce a report.

Now, with so much data processing being automated, what a business needs is their accountant focusing on the implications of those reports and thinking strategically on their behalf.

Sound good? Give us a ring to find out more. We’d love to tailor a solution for you!

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