From The Business Dogparent

Lockdown Dogitation

It’s been tough, this lockdown lark. They’ve needed walking twice a day and haven’t left me alone for a minute either. I have squeezed a few extra treats out of them, but what’s a pup to do, eh? Keep them on a tight leash, that’s what. So don’t worry, I’ve made sure they’ve been working doggedly the last few weeks. … So much so, actually, I reckon I’ve become the Business Dogparent!  


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From the Business Godparent

The Business Godparent

As we come out of hibernation and the bustle returns, there’s no doubt that many of us are now bracing for more stress.

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From the Business Godparent

The Positives of Lockdown…

Fairly quickly into lockdown it was reported that alcohol sales skyrocketed, along with the consumption of homemade cakes.

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From the Business Godparent

From redundancy to start-up… Now’s a great time!

Essendon may be able to help… If you run your own company then there’ll be a time when you need to raise some business funding. It can be quite a daunting task in these uncertain times.

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Red Sofa Interviews

Rachel Brushfield on the Red Sofa

Rachel takes a seat on the Red Sofa and talks about helping her clients to liberate more of their talent.

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Top Tips

Returning Employees to the Workplace

There’s no two ways about it, we are all itching to get back to some sense of ‘normal’ and we’re already looking forward to what we’re going to do! What are you most looking forward to?

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Feast or famine: Look after your Network.

Feast or Famine, a familiar phrase for many consultants. You know how it goes. You get out there networking to market your services.

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