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Make ’22 stand out for you!

A guest article from Terry Kendhammer, Bubble Creative Solutions Ltd

In this digital world that we live in, we all have access to a wide range of marketing platforms to communicate and get our brands visible.

Social media platforms allow us to share video content which can be short and snappy, factual or quirky, and help to give an emotive edge to your content.

Email marketing keeps you in regular contact with your audience, making sure your brand is at the forefront of their minds.

Blogs or vlogs? Do both! Blogs can be great for website content and SEO, while vlogs may capture a different audience on social media.

Websites allow for more in-depth content and act as a great hub where all marketing activities feed to and from.

While we’re fortunate to have these platforms to tell our stories, it has to be appreciated that other companies will be doing the same, so there can be a lot of noise and your message may be missed. A way to overcome this is to have clear, concise, engaging purposeful content which allows a user to engage and interact and entices them to want to see more. It is important to be comfortable with the platform you are using to market your business, but also appreciate where your target audience hangs out. There’s no point being on Twitter if your audience are on Instagram.

Tell stories to get your brand noticed

Marketing, for me, is all about telling stories and engaging with your audience. A story can be presented in many ways, whether it be daily/weekly accounts of your business and the journey you’re on, or a new service/product release and the features and benefits associated with it. This kind of content allows the audience to get ‘behind the scenes’ of the company they’re buying into. They get to know you and understand your values and beliefs before even meeting you!

Below are a few of our tips:

Make content purposeful

Regardless of your business size, invest time in carrying out a marketing strategy and planning session to understand your business, products, services, resources and your target market. Then create a 3-6 month plan with messaging and campaign types and understand how these will be rolled out and how you can make them engaging for your target market.

Personalise the experience

Digital marketing maximises the ability to have a personal user experience. On websites, you can design the user experience to allow individuals to reach the pages that interest them in the fewest clicks. Target social content with the use of demographics, i.e. age, location, behaviour, interests. Email marketing can be personalised (i.e. Dear John), but it also allows you to segment the audience and tweak the message accordingly to suit them.

Use multiple channels for your marketing and gain trust

Everyone has a different preference on how they like to receive information. Your audience needs to see your brand at least 7 times to gain confidence and buy-in.

Measure & Review

Understand how your marketing activities are performing. This allows you to capitalise on things that are working, but also gives insight to things that are not. If things don’t work, don’t be afraid to stop and change it. Marketing is an iterative process.

If you want to know more about how we deliver this for our clients, we offer a free 1 hour review and consultation. Send an email to

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