Employee Spotlight

New Team Members

First, say hi to Dave Masterson. Dave has around 30 years of experience under his belt within industry and public practice. Having sold his own practice with a view to retirement, he quickly got bored and so welcomed the opportunity to join the Essendon team. At home Dave is kept busy with 3 children, a wife and dog, but does find time for badminton and the gym where he can.

Secondly, let us introduce Sofia Ashraf. Sofia started her accounting journey at the beginning of 2023 taking her AAT Level 2 which she has successfully passed. Sofia is now currently studying for her AAT Level 3 Accounting course which she is hoping will get her one step closer to achieving her goal of becoming a chartered accountant within the next few years!

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Cost of Living Crisis

The Cost of Living Crisis and How it is Effecting so Many Households

The current cost of living crisis is having a significant impact on many households. With increasing food prices and soaring energy prices, many families are left wondering how they can get by.

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From the Business Godparent

Take Time for You

Welcome to this autumn edition of the BGP. Here we are approaching the end of 2023. I don’t know about you, but it’s been another challenging year for business owners

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Could We Become A Cashless Society?

Within the next decade, 15 countries are set to go cashless, including seven within Europe. In the UK, could we become a cashless society? What barriers will we be facing? And how do we get there?

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Red Sofa Interviews

Phil Smith on The Red Sofa

TAB provide advice to help you reach both your business and personal goals

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Essendon are sponsoring JAM!

We’re proud to be sponsoring #JAMathon2023! A 3 month ‘marathon’ of fundraisers raising for these 3 Northampton based charities.

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Top Tips

Encouraging your Employees to Prioritise their Mental Health

Mental health is now more important than ever. With the stresses and strains of life and the added pressure of the current cost of living crisis, now is the time to ensure you and your employees are prioritising their mental health. This could involve various activities.

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Trusted Partners

Processes are Important – its how you deliver what you do!

In a recent discussion with business owners the importance of processes came up, and we rattled around thinking about how they don’t always seem to work. Interesting as this maybe a crucial dilemma surfaced – processes for who? The customer or our staff? Which is most important?

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