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Terry Kendhammer on the Red Sofa

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Interviewer: Can you tell us a bit about Bubble Creative Solutions?

Terry: Bubble is digital marketing agency, formed 17 years ago. We have built up a select team of individuals to give our clients the best experience and a full package solution. 

From creating a marketing strategy and plan, we have key experts in house that look after creative design, website design and development, search engine optimisation and AdWords (Pay per click), social media management, video and animation.

Interviewer: How has your business been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak?

Terry: In the initial stages, there was an element of uncertainty. That said, there has been a rise in companies wanting to get business back to normal and with various grants from the government, this is enabling companies to invest in marketing their business.

On this note, because there is a rise in the use of digital technology, and people working from home, the way we market and communicate our products and services to existing and potential clients has changed dramatically. People who once had shops on the high street are now turning to online solutions for their marketplace.

Interviewer: How do you see the future of marketing?

Terry: Because of the huge rise in the use of digital technology, this has propelled the way digital marketers help their clients. Previously, where marketing was aimed at more Business to Business, with people working from home, we are seeing a sudden change with marketing working on a more individual basis within the businesses. Ownership and empowerment of employees has risen and this gives way to new ideas being formed within businesses. So the future of marketing is very much persona-type focussed, scenario based, and centred around individual user experience.

Interviewer: Would you have any marketing advice for businesses overcoming the crisis?

Terry: The first piece of advice I would give in any situation would be to pause for a moment. Create a marketing strategy to identify your current position and to see what opportunities may lie ahead. The main thing at this time is to stay visible and engage with your target market. Most importantly, concentrate on your journey and not someone else’s.

Watch the full interview here

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