Issue 09 - Winter 2021

There has never been a better time to network

The pandemic has not been great news for lots and lots of people but there are positives that can be drawn from it – one of those being the benefits of networking.

Zoom, or verbs associated with it, are likely to be a permanent fixture in the English language and now most of us are used to this virtual world, it is not going to go away. I am sure that online meetings, networking, seminars and exhibitions will continue alongside their physical counterparts.

So, why is it a great time to network?

1. Less imposing than face-to-face networking – Entering a room full of people for the first time can be a daunting and anxious prospect for anyone new to networking. Not knowing what to say or who to speak to. Going online is less stressful and much easier to do. Worse case, if you don’t like it, just click on the “X” to close the app!

2. Reduced costs – most networking events are now low-to-no cost events; so much easier on the pocket – your marketing budget will go further. Plus there are no travel costs incurred!

3. Reduced time – with there being no travel involved, you have more of your valuable time back; which in turn is probably going to improve productivity – a double whammy! 

4. No geographic constraints – location is no longer a concern – if you have an internet connection, then the world literally is your oyster! 

5. Greener – with your carbon footprint reduced (and that of the venue), this is making a great contribution to the environment. 

If you have never tried networking – now is the time. Get out there and try as many different types as you can – give them a go. Then pick the 2-3 that work best for you so you can focus your networking efforts. 

Happy virtual networking!

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Issue 09 - Winter 2021

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