Issue 09 - Winter 2021

Top Tip For Property Investors

Managing costs to ensure a good return on your property is a sensible strategy for any investor to pursue. And keeping track of important paperwork is another. With one property, this is relatively easy to achieve on an ad hoc basis. But if you’re seeking to build a portfolio, we’d recommend you become a little more organised in your approach. Nobody wants to fall foul of a legal requirement without realising, or receive a surprise tax bill!

With those concerns in mind, therefore, we’d highly recommend you look at Arthur. Arthur is an online property management tool tailored specifically for investors running a portfolio. It facilitates automated rental invoicing, enables you to log maintenance and repairs, and keeps track of things like EPC and gas safety certificates. Plus it can store important documents such as tenancy agreements and references, and gather tenant information via online forms. It even enables you to list vacancies on your website and advertise on leading property sites.

However, if that isn’t enough for you… you’ll be glad to learn that it also links in with Xero or QuickBooks, so you can manage your cashflow very easily. Quite a package, eh? Mind you, we do admit that it hasn’t yet sussed how to make a cup of tea, but we reckon that our property investment clients enjoy savouring a cuppa with us from time to time instead.

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From the Business Godparent

Looking back at 2020

So… what will 2020 be remembered for? I ask because perspective matters here. It could, of course, be remembered as the year of Brexit, the year we couldn’t visit family, and the year we saw the biggest dip in business activity ever.

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Red Sofa Interviews

Kirsty Parris on the Red Sofa

Kirsty takes a seat on the Red Sofa and talks about her business, Andromeda Business Consulting

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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Gemma Barry

What does a day in the life of Gemma look like?

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Falling back in love with Monday mornings

New Year is traditionally a time for reflection; for reviewing the past year and considering what we want to change and what we’d like to aim for.

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Issue 09 - Winter 2021

There has never been a better time to network

The pandemic has not been great news for lots and lots of people but there are positives that can be drawn from it – one of those being the benefits of networking.

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Top Tips

Top Ten Accounting Acronyms

Have you heard of TLAs (three letter abbreviations)? Well, in the accounting world they don’t always come in threes… and they definitely don’t always get referred to in the intended way! The Essendon team have come up with a few just to whet your appetite…

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