Are you an online seller?

Do you need better visibility of product costs & profitability? Or functional reporting by produce or region? and multiple approvers per invoice? And are you still using excel to work out profit margin per product? 

If so take a look at how Essendon works with Xledger UK to guide you and your business forward.

Watch now: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruL8vhE_tSQ

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Issue 11 - Xledger

Xledger: Ideal for larger businesses

We have a broad portfolio of clients and from an accounting perspective they have different needs, particularly with respect to software. For larger businesses, our go-to is Xledger. It’s ideal for managing their more complex requirements and has an impressive list of core functions.

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Roger at Digital Transformation

Roger was recently asked to speak at the Digital Transformation Forum, which took place in May this year. The topic was an interesting one for ambitious small businesses, for it addressed the subject of how outsourcing can enable SMEs to cater to larger clients.

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From the Business Godparent

Freedom Day is here!

The 19th July has arrived and there is a lot going on for businesses. With the effects of Brexit, furlough withdrawal, supply chain issues, and cash flow challenges, ‘Freedom Day’ is a welcome moment in this pandemic

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Cash boost for apprenticeships

Introducing an apprenticeship scheme into your business can be a win/win situation for all. It can provide extra help within your operation, enable apprentices to gain valuable skills, and help to boost the UK economy overall. Plus, there’s even more good news because the government is really putting money where its mouth is regarding developing young workers.

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Essendon is proud to feature as a ‘Go To’ expert

Samantha Poole is the GoTo Mum and Business Growth Expert that locals in Milton Keynes know, like and trust.

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Red Sofa Interviews

Julie Futcher on the virtual Red Sofa

Talking about the sales process and how to maximise business growth in this time of business confidence.

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Top Tips

Top ten positive outcomes from the pandemic

We’ve all received a few wake-up calls in the last few months, and being reminded of any mix of the points below has been one of the greatest benefits of this whole Covid experience.

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