Issue 08 – Autumn 2020

Bringing the office home… Long term

We think this issue of The Business Godparent is a superb opportunity to introduce you to Bring the Office Home, a new venture founded by Dijon, who are an award-winning exhibition and live events agency with 40 years’ experience in designing, building and installing beautiful structures for some of the world’s best known brands. Born out of a desire to adapt to the new business norm, this superb idea has quickly gone from strength to strength.

Early in 2020, as we all watched the coronavirus crisis unfold with a devastating effect on the live events industry, Dijon decided that they had a choice to make: to hunker down and wait until the world returned to ‘normal’, or to adapt, be nimble and draw on their experience, collaborations and networks to fulfil the needs of the new business normal.

As the majority of the UK workforce shifted to working from home, with many expressing a desire to continue to do so long term, the idea of Bring the Office Home Ltd was born. The team now work with one of their long-term partners to produce beautiful garden rooms of the highest quality, which are suitable for year round use. Plus they also offer a range of services that makes them stand out from traditional garden room companies.

Put simply, Bring the Office Home is about so much more than simply installing a room at the bottom of your garden. They have an impressive list of partnerships that they’ve nurtured over the years, and can thus look after every aspect of a project from design and install, to bespoke graphics and beautiful furniture. And then, of course, they can style your room perfectly to match your needs. We reckon with entrepreneurial ventures such as Bring the Office Home coming to the fore, traditional offices have become so last year… and now the possibilities are endless!

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Issue 08 – Autumn 2020

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