Issue 10 - Spring 2021

Budget Changes to Boost Growth

  1. Income tax rates were not increased
  2. VAT rate for hospitality is staying at 5% until 30 Sept 2021
  3. The Super-Deduction tax break allows businesses to claim 130% of what they spend on eligible new equipment against their taxable profits
  4. The Kickstart scheme aims to provide funding for 6-month job placements for 16 to 24-year-olds who are on Universal Credit
  5. National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage increases came into effect on 1 April 2021

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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Matthew Brown

What does a day in the life of Matthew look like?

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Essendon Foresight

The importance of an FD and managing cash flow

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of cash flow. Thousands of businesses are now at risk of collapsing, and the government has taken considerable steps to help as many as they can…

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From the Business Godparent

Go for Growth

The UK has become a nation of accidental savers; an interesting side-effect of the Covid-19 restrictions. Guess how much more we were saving in the first two lockdowns…

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Issue 10 - Property

The latest twists and turns for property

It’s an interesting time for those managing, or indeed considering, a property portfolio. The pandemic has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, bearing in mind the focus the Treasury had had on property investment before Covid-19 struck.

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Red Sofa Interviews

Louise Gordon on the Red Sofa

Supporting businesses to change and adapt and a particular eye on the people aspect of that change.

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Trusted Partners

Where are my leads coming from?

Lead generation! It’s a topic that causes lots of business owners to have sleepless nights. The question of “where are my leads coming from to generate my sales?” is one I hear time and time again, particularly when they want to grow their business.

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