Issue 10 - Spring 2021

Helping pets after lockdown

There’s a good chance that we’ll start heading back to the office over the next few weeks. And if you’ve got a dog who’s got used to you being at home 24/7, their wellbeing will need some attention.

Plan in a good walk each morning – Squeeze one into your morning routine. Yes, it’ll mean you have to get up earlier, but if you embrace it as quality time for both of you, you’ll find you enjoy it even when the winter sets in.

Give them an area that’s theirs – They don’t need the run of the house, but their bed and a little space to walk around will make them feel safe and protected.

Give them some toys to play with – The right distractions will save your house and their sanity. They will sleep quite a lot of the time, but a little entertainment helps to while away the boredom.

Arrange for someone to visit and walk them – If you’re leaving them for more than a couple of hours, then you need to be mindful of their toilet habits. A puppy should be ok for two hours, and an older dog maybe four or five, but any longer and they need a little company and a walk.

Make a fuss of them when you get home – You may be exhausted, but they’ve spent their whole day looking forward to seeing you. Reward their love and loyalty with some attention and another nice walk. They deserve it. Enjoy!

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