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Essendon 5th Birthday! A thank you

Essendon was proud to host its 5th birthday party recently and I wanted to thank everyone for their support over the last five years…

From the person who lent us the funds to pay the staff wages in those first few weeks and months to the person who provided us with office facilities so we all had somewhere to work from… every referral partner I work with to every client I work for… our marketing team to the person on Facebook who likes our posts; even to the person who cleans my desk… and especially to that certain someone in my life who has my dinner on the table when I return home after another busy day.

It only seems like yesterday that Helen and I were in a Costa Coffee shop (thank you to the client who gave us the voucher!), rapidly putting together a new business to serve our clients after it all went horribly wrong at the place we were previously working.

So much has been achieved in five years and the future is really exciting with new technology giving us the opportunity to serve our clients better. We have great referral partners and collaborators and with our new brand, The Business Godparent, we are ready for at least the next five years of fun.

Being in business may seem stressful at times with external nonsense trying to put you off course, but just follow our example… work hard, play hard and create the fun.


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