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Letting ‘digital’ take the repetitive strain…

At Essendon, we’re very proud of the strong and sustained relationships we have with our clients. Without wanting to sound as though we’re blowing our own trumpet, it was one of our clients that coined the phrase “Business Godparent”, in truth, after they’d been working with Roger for a while. So bearing in mind that a sense of ‘attentive mentorship’ isn’t what many people associate with their accountant, we did feel somewhat delighted that one of the overriding messages from the Accountex conference this year was that embracing technology develops stronger client relationships… Because that’s exactly what we do already!

How has technology helped Essendon achieve this?

Well, first off, we have always preferred to roll up our sleeves and take a more hands-on role in a business. Automating many of the repetitive accountancy tasks with technology has freed up our time to offer strategic advice instead, which is much more cost effective for a client. We spotted this a while ago and have realised that taking these early steps to embrace digital processes, systems, and applications has strengthened our client relationships significantly.

Since then, however, we have also fine-tuned how we use our time constructively. Gone are the days of churning out reports. Instead, what we do first and foremost is LISTEN. We learn about our clients’ aspirations, goals, challenges, and concerns. And then we turn to those aforementioned reports to offer advice and guidance on how to head towards each objective they’ve set.

Now, nobody is suffering repetitive strain injury or death by numbers… neither clients nor staff at Essendon. We’re letting technology bear the brunt of that and exercising the grey matter to support your strategic goals instead. Sound good? We think so…

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Top Tips

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